Genetic Greeny

I think I have inherited a need to live lightly on our earth and to be grateful for all that is natural.

My Nanna had some habits that we thought were a bit strange but now looking back I totally get it and wish she was here today to share more of her amazing tips, tricks and wisdom with me!

Some of nanna’s quirks include using envelopes for notes until every skerrick of clean paper had been written on, upgrading her green bags to have hidden pockets so that she could use them as a handbag and for her grocery shopping and collecting all her food scraps and feeding them to her worms in a farm down the side of her suburban house.


I’m proud to think now how much of her lives on within me. A little hippy, very colourful and curious about what all the corners of the earth have to offer me. I feel she has passed on her sense of purpose to be helpful to mother nature and to not be concerned by what other people think when I stop to pick up some rubbish before it gets washed down the drain or to be putting my fruit peels bag into my lunchbox for my own worm family rather than the bin at work.

Some people may think that my habits and rituals make my life much more challenging, but for me it is a sense of purpose. It is a way of living that gives me joy, responsibility and enables me to be in touch with nature.

In creating The Gentle Wanderer I hope to share my knowledge, my tips & tricks, the challenges of living my life gently on this earth and in doing so hope to inspire others to make small changes so that you can be gentle too.